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When a company builds its reputation on delivering delight, it can only be peopled by individuals of unique strengths.
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Pradeep Naik
Founder - CEO

From Day One, event management was never my 'job'. It was, is, and will always be the greatest opportunity in my life. At Fuel India, I do what I love. I enjoy creating ideas for clients, and exceeding their expectations with quality, timeliness, and costs. Over the past twelve years, I've realized there's no greater challenge than fitting together the jigsaw of brand, experience, and delivery.

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Aditi Dhamija
Director - Strategy & Design

Design to me is not just my passion or work but a way of life! With my design education at the prestigious National Institute of Design and work experience spanning over a decade with places like Foley Designs, O&M, FRDC and Q-Events, the journey has been extremely enriching. I strongly believe that design is beyond just aesthetics, it is about strategic thinking, solution providing and creating unique experiences that last as special memories with the audience!