Driven. Dependable. Different.
When a company builds its reputation on delivering delight, it can only be peopled by individuals of unique strengths.
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Pradeep Naik
Founder and CEO, Fuel India

"From Day One, event management was never my 'job'. It was, is, and will always be the greatest opportunity in my life. At Fuel India, I do what I love. I enjoy creating ideas for clients, and exceeding their expectations with quality, timeliness, and costs. Over the past twelve years, I've realized there's no greater challenge than fitting together the jigsaw of brand, experience, and delivery. It's become an addiction: appreciation from my clients, and the knowledge that they are completely at peace when Fuel India is involved."

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Sripal Jain
Founder and CEO, K2 Learning

"I describe myself as a chartered accountant by training, and a serial entrepreneur by choice. My interest in learning has led me teach CA students at K2 Learning, and conduct workshops at other institutions as well. I find number crunching very fascinating and discovering new ways of integrating technology with what I teach sounds like fun at work. My other passion is poetry, and I'm a published poet, and author." Also CEO & Founder at K2 Learning Resources Pvt Ltd.